Design of the catalogue and of several components for the exhibition “The Arcades: Contemporary Art and Walter Benjamin” at the Jewish Museum in New York, working with Prem Krishnamurthy of Project Projects. A collection of contemporary artworks, seen through the lens of Walter Benjamin’s monumental book “The Arcades Project”, are tightly arranged in the exhibition space to reminisce of the disposition of objects in an arcade. Paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos are discovered as if flipping through unbound pages of Benjamin’s original manuscript. The Convolutes (loosely chapters in Benjamin’s book) are not arranged in the alphabetical order one would expect when discovering the space. The exhibition reveals more as it slowly unfolds with the reading of wall texts, Kenneth Goldsmith’s annotated pieces and the archival material offered by the Walter Benjamin Archives in Berlin. The exhibition is curated by Jens Hoffmann, Director of Special Exhibitions and Public Programs, The Jewish Museum, assisted by Shira Backer, Leon Levy Curatorial Associate, The Jewish Museum.


“The Arcades: Contemporary Art and Walter Benjamin”, Jens Hoffmann, Caroline A. Jones, Vito Manolo Roma, Kenneth Goldsmith, published by the Jewish Museum and Yale University Press, printed in Belgium by Die Keure, softcover, 120 pages + 16 pages hidden graphic novel, 1500 copies + 400 copies reprint, New York, USA, 2017. Project initiated in June 2016. Available here.