We are Pianpian He and Max Harvey. Our studio works from China and America, up and down the wall. We are mostly concerned with making images in booming or declining – fluctuating economies. In the past years, we have collaborated with artists, students and designers. Our studio was founded in Hunan University, Hunan Province, China and is presently located in the United States. This website displays independent and commissioned works made in China or abroad.

We also offer a service of printing management, operating with companies in China. As brokers we offer the liaison between western companies and Chinese printing facilities. Our experience in printing makes us a good asset in order to produce printing of high quality at lower cost. We draw a line between printing quality and printing cost; we do not necessarily chose the lowest bidder. We invite you to discuss with us about your project in order to fully analyse your needs.

If you have heard of us and are interested in contacting us to collaborate or expand ideas, write to contact@infoandupdates.com. We are also present on instagram @infoandupdates.


This website was programmed by Jules Renaud, in Montreal.


email: contact@infoandupdates.com
weibo: @infoandupdates
insta: @infoandupdates


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