From Paprika: “Paprika! is the often-weekly broadsheet of the Yale School of Architecture. Founded in the summer of 2014, Paprika! is named after the vibrant orange carpets in the pits and auditorium of Rudolph Hall, the epicenter of student life at the Yale School of Architecture. We are of, by, and for students of art and architecture. Our submissions are open; our meetings are open; we receive zero fiscal support from the school, and YSOA exercises no editorial control.” The seventh installment of the Fall 2017 volume deals with the positive and negative impact of boundaries. Edited by Jack Hanly and Maia Simon.


“Edge”, web offset, 1 folded sheet. Published by Paprika!, New Haven, November 2017.



二零一七年秋第七期卷讨论了边界对建筑正负面的影响。由杰克·汉利和玛亚·西蒙编辑。《边界》,轮转胶印,单张折叠。 由辣椒!出版,纽黑文,二零一七年十一月。