Is This Your House?


The destructive effect of trauma upon narrative. A son and his mother are painting. The grandfather. Four executed, including the father – it made the news. Athens. Greek capitalists reported the story. It started in August and in two months we have selected a few paintings, enough to compile a book of 32 pages. We need to give the paintings more room. More suspension and displacement of truth. Painting together in the dinning room, at the table. The father dug a secret tunnel at the farm and the hideout was found. “How does the collaborative painting process mimics the phenomenon of identity swapping that occurs between the Alzheimer’s recipient and the caretaker? Why is painting the assigned activity for rehabilitation?” October comes after November. Do you know my son? Volume: August and September. Paintings by Joan and David Whelan. Printed in Beijing and published by The Seeld Library, New York, 2015.



创伤的毁灭性效应非言语能及。儿子和他的母亲正在画画。祖父。四人被处决,包括父亲。新闻由此诞生。雅典。希腊的资本主义者们报道了这个故事。我们从八月开始。两个月之内,选取了足够编纂一本三十二页书籍的绘画若干。我们需要给予这些画更多的空间。更多真相的悬置与换位。在餐厅一起画画。就在桌子上。父亲挖掘了一条隧道。他们发现了这隐匿之处。“这种共同绘画的过程如何能模拟阿滋海默症患者和看护者之间发生的身份交换现象?为何绘画会成为一种复健任务般的行动?” 十一月之后才是十月。你认识我的儿子吗?