Grand Coupes is the book that followed our exhibition at Between in Changsha city, China. Our latest release features works made this year including photographs and freshly made sugar confectionaries – all produced in a span of 5 months but altogether presented under the umbrella of Grand Coupes. These abstract images should reminisce the rawness of the city we live in. The works were made in 2015, in a context of rapid industrialization that caused the dramatic air pollution issues scrutinized by the rest of the world. The rapid economic growth drastically changed the new consumers’ habits into nearly obsessive reflexes. The images aim to recall the slick interiors and the dusty exteriors we are seeing on a daily basis. “Grand Coupes”, Max Harvey, Pianpian He and You Li, independently published, English and Chinese, Printed in Beijing, 96 pages, 500 copies, Changsha, Hunan University, 2015.



“我们在陌生人的车上随意黏贴,虽然害怕会触动汽车警报器。同时我们也记录下当时汽车的状况。软糖像是病毒或假钻石一样,对汽车材质起了反应。我们根据车身流线粘上软糖—外壳的缝隙给了我们唯一有维度的图像。它们不可抗拒地成为了优雅曲线与原始力量相结合的豪华轿车的景象。是独享权、表现力和过大姿态的完美结合。” 这本书于二零一五年七月出版于中国长沙,版数五百本。订购请邮件联系。