Grand Coupes at Between, Changsha, 2015. Grand Coupes features works made this year including photographs and freshly made sugar confectionaries. At first glance, we are making images mixing two unrelated activities: the making of gelatin candies and car making. They end up being part of a greater system that puts customization and style on a pedestal. Both products are composed of synthetic materials. Jellies can now take any form one can think of: berries, bears, worms, bottles, rings, poop, frogs, sodas, fizzies, vampire teeth, road kills, bacon stripes, hot dogs, boogers, foetuses, maggots or worst, multivitamins. We make abstract images that are scarcely punctuated with narratives, mostly flat or with slight perspective lines. Jellies have this characteristic of sticking when humid; we found out we could quickly doodle nonchalantly on car bodies by licking the candies. This act can be perceived as a soft attempt at vandalism.


At Between Changsha
Opening at 6:30pm on June 19, 2015
19th June – 2nd July
Yuelu Shan Zhuang, Meilu D1, Xinmin Road, Changsha, Hunan


二零一五年六月十九日 – 七月二日
长沙岳麓区 新民路岳麓山庄梅庐别墅D1栋

“Grand Coupes” 将会展出今年内所创作的摄影以及新鲜制造的人工糖果。 “乍一看,我们是在把橡皮糖制作和汽车生产这两件全然不相干的事情和图像混合起来,但车和橡皮糖一样,都是人工合成产物。我们拍摄的图像是抽象的,没有明晰的叙事,大多数都是没有反差或者有一点透景线的。胶糖在潮湿的情况下会具有黏性,于是我们发现可以通过舔舐它们来迅速且毫不在意地进行涂鸦,这一行为可以被看作为故意破坏的行径。”